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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Hi. I am Yuvaraj Pandian T, Affectionately known as Yuvi Panda T, or simply Yuvi. I am 14, a 10th Grade Student facing the daunting Public Board Exams in this Year. I am also a Hobbyist Developer, with around 5 years of Hobbyst Development Experience. I love VB, VB.NET, .NET, C#, ASP .NET, SQL and Web Designing and I am off Developing Whenever I can get away from my School. I am quite succesful at School, with somewhat around 90% in my marks, and a pretty good name with my Teachers, and Not so successful with my Friends, due to my Geekiness :) And This Blog is maybe the only way for me to vent out my feelings. I dedicate this Site to My Dad, Who helped me to develop a logical and rational Mind. I also dedicate this to my ever-helping Friend, Mentor and Cousing, Sudar Muthu. He Introduced me to Computers and English. You will find articles on Geekiness, My Personal Experiences, Programming Topics, and everything I can think of. Thank You Very Much for viewing this Blog, which I though would be never viewed by anyone but me :).


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