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Monday, December 11, 2006

Good Bye Blogger, Hello Wordpress...

Note: This blog has been moved to

At last, I have finished shifting my blog from Blogger to my own domain which is running Wordpress.

You can find the new blog at and if you have subscribed to the RSS feed the feed URL(whoa thanks!), then just refresh it to I know it's a PITA when you have to go around updating RSS feed URLs, but, hey that's much better than changing that URL from your memory, right?

Shifting all the posts with comments from Blogger has mostly been a painless process, since Wordpress offers a built-in importer which simplifies a lot of things. But, this domain was registered almost 2 months ago(thanks to my cousin Sudar), but I'm goin live only today, for reasons that are so philosophical that I'll keep them to another post. But suffice to say, the fact that I tried to categorize my posts twice and made 3 redesigns speaks a point...

Wordpress has been really excellent so far and has satisfied all my requirements. You get tons of themes and plug-ins. And the credit goes to the community. Right now I am playing with lot of themes and may be even this theme may change in a few days.

So guys welcome to the new version of my blog and do let me know your comments and suggestions. More content coming up soon. And, the categorization has not yet been completed...

P.S: I made this post by copying this post of my cousin Sudar's blog verbatim and making modifications. Talk about content theft:D


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