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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Project BaBIE

Hi Again, While Reading Some Stuff about the new FireFox Revolution, I got an Idea. Mozilla is OpenSource, but it takes a lot of time to Make Your own Browser based on the Gecko Engine. But IE, on the other hand, has got a nifty Little WebBrowser Control, that has all the layout features of Internet Explorer and requires almost no Code to activate. So, as a direct Competietion to FireFox, I started Building my Own WebBrowser based on the MSHTML (That is the IE Layout Engine) using .NET. It's got all the UI Nicites of FireFox, and Some more. So, If Any of You are like me, Drawn towards FireFox for it's UI, Please Mail Me and we will Join Together and Challenge Fire Fox. More Information can be found on my other Blog, which I created after I posted this! PS I am searching for a Single-Syllable Name to the Browser. I first tryed Herodetus, then switched to Aristotle and Now, I am thinking of Eagle. If you have any good Suggestions for the Name, please Mail me. PPS By the Way, Project BaBIE means Project Build a Better Internet Explorer!


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