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Monday, June 19, 2006


I am in the 11th Standard Now. I AM IN THE 11th STD! WOA THIS IS JUST SO FREAKIN AWESOME! When I joined the school in the 5th STD, my one and only dream then was to get to STD 11. That was because, atleast in our School, 11th STD means joining the NSS. Now, the NSS are like the Police of our School, supposedly maintaining discipline. Just as in real Life, most of NSS boys are pretty corrupt, but then, it's not morally wrong being a corrupt NSS boy. And, since being corrupt doesn't mean you hurt people, it's pretty cool. So, all that it means is just plain Fun. Add to that that I spend lotsa time in the Computer Science Lab, and you get heaven. But anyway....

It's been a week since School, and it's been pretty much filled with Paronia, whatever that means. First off, many of my ol' pals in tenth STD left our School, but to their own peril, as I learned later. But that's for another post.

Right now, I've been choosen as the Academic Assitant Secretary, the Magazine Committee Secretary. The responsibility of the Academic Assitant Secretary, as you can say, is to carry a flag during Captains Day, and then do nothing. Yea, nothing. Well, maybe speak on stage somewhere once, but that's it.

As the Magazine Committee Secretary, however, I can cut lotsa classes towards the end of the year, sorting through piles of stuff written by our School kids. But ofcourse, most of it is taken off the Internet by some thoughtful kid who didn't want his class Magazine to contain just a front and back cover along with just a Preface. I too am guilty of that, with 95% of our last year Class Magazine being given by me, 1% being written by me. And, inorder to avoid giving the impression it's a Yuvi's Magazine rather than a Class Magazine, many of my articles were attributed to my Classmates. This led to the amusing Incident: "Hey Jagan your article was excellent". "Article? WHAT ARTICLE ?";)

And, Subjects, I have no problems with any, except for Chemistry. And, that too because of the Teacher. Like, say Snape minus the skills. Oh, and the dirty black evil loving costume as well.

Enough wasting your time I guess. Hope to get in some more posts about School Life around here, and bring back a better written SPAM Fun series as well...

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