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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

[Tech]Aha! The Long awaited one...

Well, I've been really really hoping that Microsoft comes up with a killer. No, GotDotNet killed itself. It was plain pathetic. A case study of what not to do.

Well, now we have Well, it's still in Beta, has a good number of bugs, and returns less than 3 Pages of Search Results at Google. What this means is that very few people know of it's existence. Infact, Microsoft plans to unveil it in Late June or Early July...

 There are only 19 Projects there, all Microsoft Projects, which says something... But, you just can't go and register a new project there right now: That's why it is called Beta. But, it runs on Team Server, which is awesome. So, this means I get good integrated Source Control. Amen:D

Right now, the Major one there is IronPython, the Python Implementation for .NET. It's not yet moved from GotDotNet, but I betcha that anybody will ever wish GotDotNet back alive....

And, for me, I'm moving Rayo to CodePlex when CodePlex moves to Production. Well, maybe because I'm a Microsoft Fanboy. Or, maybe because I like Green color:D


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