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Friday, May 27, 2005

Mono the Monkey

Hi Again, Since I have Relocated my Projects to another Blog, I can focus on Topic Here.. The Mono Project The Mono Project is an Open-Source Initiative to create a .NET Implementation for Linux, so that .NET Applications can be Cross-Platform, much in the Same way as Java is. It has been going on For Quite some Time. If this Effort Works, then Java's Promise of "Write Once, Run Anywhere", (which turned out to be "Write Once, Debug Everywhere, Run it Wherever it didn't Crash"), might come true for .NET. They've already almost Comleted ADO .NET and the Very Bases. Check out their Site for more information. BTW Mono Means Monkey in Spanish, but why they choose the Name escapes me. If you know, please leave a comment. Thanks, and Be Right Back...


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