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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another .NET Implementation!

Hi Again, Good News For .NET guys! .NET might be moving Slowly towards Being Cross Platform. DotGNU is another Project Geared Towards That. DotGNU, along with Mono (See My Previos Post about Mono) are Moving Towards making .NET run on Linux, Unix, Solaris and Ofcourse Windows. The Windows Forms Component of DotGNU seems to be Complete, Since they are Showing Some ScreenShots of .NET Apps Running in a Variety of Operating Systems. Since Mono and DotGNU seem to be Pretty Stable, I am thinkin of Installing Linux on my System to Try them out. I am thinking of Mandrake Linux, But if you think otherwise, You are Welcome to Leave Comments. Currently, the C# compiler is quite Stable and VB.NET and J# Compilers are UnderWay. U can find More Information Here. If these Projects Come True, We can Silence those Java People and Make our Applications Run Anywhere. And Java's Promise of "Write Once, Run (and Debug!) Everywhere" Will Come True by .NET.. If u know C or Gtk or C# and have some spare Time, Please Volunteer to work with DotGNU or Mono to make them Complete faster. Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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