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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Two Poles Meet....

Hi Again, When Will Teh North Pole Meet the South Pole ? A good Student of Geography Would Answer "Never". But, Software is Proving otherwise. The Two Poles of Software, Microsoft and Sun, Seem to be moving Together, Atleast on Paper. According to a Press Release from Microsoft, Both the Companies are Moving towards Collaborating With each other. As a Part of this Agreement, Microsoft has paid $1,950 Million Dollars To Sun Microsystem, To settle all the Legal Disputes between them. And Part of the Agreement also Includes "Collaboration between .NET and Java". If it were to happen, I would be More than Pleased. But, Like Every Cloud has a Silver Lining, This Agreement has a Negative Effect too. Yes, Microsoft Will No Longer support the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine... But, The Support is extended upto 31 December, 2007, for "Smooth Transfer of People from Microsoft's JVM" More Details can be found here. So, What Next ? Maybe, Apple's Mac OS X will Run on a PC? Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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