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Saturday, August 13, 2005

School Status.......Again....

Hi Again, I am in Total Chaos now, after the Hub Disaster. One of my .NET Projects was Smashed, since We can't have Network Multiplayer without a Network! So, I was using the Super-Cool StumbleUpon Extension for FireFox, and was Stumbling my Way through the Web, in the way finding some really really really really Useful and cool Stuff. One Such thing is an Opensource Planatorium Software, Celestial. I might even get around to putting it up through a projecter for the exhibit! And, as for the other one, I am thinking of doing a Number Mind-Reader Trick/Game, with .NET/Flash. If I get around to implementing it, I'd surely Blog it. All these things are driving me mad. All the 10th Standard School Pressure, Shouts at home and the Exhibit Pressure, coupled with my Depression, are driving me Really Mad.......... Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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