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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First Things First..

Well, I have more to say, but this thing's gotta be here first : My Friend Shivram, as well as Krishna Prasad have started Blogging! Well, I've promised them a ton of comments, so hope you hlp me keep my promise... Well, first a bit about Shiva(Shivram). He's in 11th STD, and was the School first last time with 952 Marks out of Thousand, and was the State 3rd Rank. Fantastic Guy, and what's more encouraging to a blogger than a ton of comments on your first Post ? And, did I mention he's the culturals secretary of our School ? And, Krishna was our School third last time, and he's a fantastic guy as well. And, yep he's our school NSS Seceratary as well, so give him a ton of comments as well... And, in the meantime, don't forget Abu, our School's Robo-Geek. Give him a ton of comments as well:D Thanks, and Keep the comments coming....


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