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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Well, some 3 Months back, Dad bought me an 80 CD Capacity CD Pouch. And, I vowed to fill it with Linux CDs. Fully. To the Brim. Only Linux. All 80 CDs. And, today morning, I have accomplished it! Man, doesn't it feel wonderful, having so many distros, most of which you'd never use!:D

Anyway, here's the boring list of Distros I have :
  1. Gnoppix
  2. SimplyMEPIS
  3. Knoppix 3.9
  4. Ubuntu 5.1 LiveCD
  5. aLinux 12.6 LiveCD
  6. GNUStep LiveCD
  7. Fedora Core 4
  8. FSBIE - Variant of FreeBSD LiveCD
  9. PC-BSD 1.0 RC2
  10. Ubuntu Linux 5.1
  11. SuSE 9.1
  12. Mandriva 2006
  13. Mono-Live CD
  14. FreeBSD
  15. PCLinux 0.9.2
  16. Looking Glass 3D LiveCD 2.30
  17. Slackware
  18. Edubuntu 5.10
  19. Knoppix 4.0
  20. SuSE 10
  21. Gentoo 2005.1
  22. Gentoo 2006.1 Live+Install CD
  23. Fedora Core 5
  24. Damn Small Linux
  25. WinLinux
Well, If you're still with me, know that I lied : I filled all 80 of them only because I have two copies of SimplyMEPIS. So, I actually have 1 Slot still left, but can't seem to find any Single CD Distro to fill it up. Any Ideas guys ? Only significant distro I'm missing is Debian, but, I really don't want it.... And, KUbuntu, but I've already got Ubuntu and KDE Seperately, so it won't count, right ?


Blogger Saurabh said...

Haha ...
Man, you're a Gaurang in the making.

If you do not know who Gaurang is, he was my partner at the Imagine Cup and also for my Final Year project.

He's the only one in our college who uses Linux as his primary OS ...

He downloads distros by the tonne ...
Man, you don't want to be like him ...

Anyways, diverting some more traffic to his website ...

- Saurabh :)

4/21/2006 09:39:00 AM  
Blogger Yuvi Panda said...

Hehe.. I have no intention of using Linux as my Primary OS... Atleast, not until Mono is complete:D

And, Man, in that site : ASM ? :O

And, for me, I didn't have anything to download during the nights, and during the Exams, I didn't have enough Time to hunt around for *useful* downloads:D So, After my first Revision, I just went to and got the latest versions of all distros I could find there:D

Now, as I have more Time, I'll be more Selective. But, still having a hard time finding good ones:D

4/21/2006 10:02:00 AM  
Blogger Saurabh said...

Yes ...
We have had the wrath of assembly programming in third year.

Which is pretty interesting once you get past all the registers and stuff ...
Maybe we had good teachers, but assembly is fun.

Though, Xp doesn't let you run most of the programs ... Have to use VMWare with Win98 on it.

Anyways ...
Take care (and don't turn into a Gaurang V2 !!!)
Hehe :)

- Saurabh

4/21/2006 10:23:00 AM  
Blogger Yuvi Panda said...

Hehe. I too sorta like ASM, because it's soo much like IL. But, maybe IL doesn't have Objects, so, I might not like it that much:D

4/21/2006 07:12:00 PM  
Blogger Yuvi Panda said...

Huhm, sorry people. That was a mistake: I meant to say that since ASM doesn't have Objects, I might not like it that much:D

5/09/2006 04:58:00 AM  

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