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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Switching from Firefox+Performancing to IE7+Word ‘07

I’ve been trying to get the message through: I’m switching from Firefox to IE7 Beta3. I first typed out a rather long post some 2 days back, but Blogger just swallowed that up! I didn’t even know that till Aswin pointed to me that there was no new post on my blog, even though my IM Status said “New Post”….. Opensource Conspiracy, eh? :P

Anyway, I tried again. Atleast, I tried to try again, but after the luxury that Performancing gave me, editing in a TEXTAREA didn’t appeal to me at all…. So, it just rusts out there in the Drafts….

As I was pondering what to do, Krishna hit me with an Idea that I’ve forgotten: The Post to Blog feature of Word ’07! After thanking him profusely for reminding me for it, I posted a test post from Word, and since everything seems OK, here I am, typing this post out in Word.

Anyway, the reason I ditched Firefox is

  • 100+ MB Memory usage with just 10 tabs open, with the claim that it’s a feature, not a bug.
  • Frequent Invalidation of the whole window a.k.a Whiting
  • Unusable Feed Reading
  • Opening lots of tabs makes them too small, and undistinguishable
  • Full Screen browsing isn’t really Full Screen
  • Firefox is not really “alternative” now. :P

And, just to bore you with one more list, I choose IE7 Beta3 finally because:

  • I’ve never seen it cross 100 MB. Even with some 20 Tabs Open.
  • No Invalidation problem, though this maybe because of the deep integration between Windows & IE
  • Awesome Feed Reading. Seriously.
  • Opening lots of tabs just doesn’t keep making them small, but “flows” them around, keeping them readable.
  • Full Screen browsing rocks. They got it right this time.
  • Actually, IE7 is pretty “alternative” and hip now. :D
  • The Killer is, however, Programmatic Access to the Feeds through a clean & well designed.

Ofcourse, they’ve fixed most of the Security holes and added Tabbed Browsing & Popup blocking, without which IE7 would not have even been in consideration. I would’ve switched at IE7 Beta2 itself, but then it kept crashing too much, and I was not yet fed up of Firefox at that time, so it had to wait till Beta 3…..

Kudos to the Firefox guys. They woke the sleeping bear, and now there’s a ton of innovation around the browser market. And, I’m lucky enough to participate in Browser War v2.0 as a Mercenary. May the best browser win:P

Anyway, this means, I’ll write my posts full screen in a real word-processor. Cool……

Enjoyin.. But, maybe…. I’ve been inexplicable sad and desolate and crying for some time last week for no apparent reason. So, just leave a comment, and


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