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Saturday, August 20, 2005

School School School......

Hi Again, School Mayhem is starting again. Quartyearly exams are just a Month away, and We've got MarchPast Practice for the Sports Day, and the Computer Science Exhibit. And, On top of that, I've been asked to do a Power Point Presentation in Tamil! Luckily, All my 7 Computer Science Projects are almost over, and I am now learning a bit of CEL Script to modify and Create new Scripts for Celestia. I have convinced my School Authorities to lend me a Projector, a Whole ClassRoom, Permission to Make My System go there, and a 256 MB of Extra RAM! It's been Unbelievable, the CSE Head just fell for it and just told me he'd get me whatever I want! Hope it all goes well, and I get the 1st Prize. Last Time, I got 2nd....... And, I am spending my free time while others are in March Past Practice to learn CEL Script. I sorely Miss Objects in CEL Script, and hope they make it a bit more object oriented..... And, BSNL has announced Free Downloads from 2:00 AM to 8:AM! And, thank god they did, for some of the textures for Celestia are pretty large, around 200 MB. And, I've been an Early Riser ever since 15th August! And, If you have any suggestion for me to download, just leave me a comment.... Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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