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Saturday, December 17, 2005

FireFox 1.5

Last Post before my Brother starts crying[gr..] I upgraded to FireFox 1.5 today morning, inside the happy hours, since It was a 5 MB Download and I had only about 100 MB of Bandwidth to last me the rest of this month.... Well, nothing much new here. The Annoying Dilaog Box that was displayed when a 404 or some sortof error was encountered has been replaced by a really cute DIV in the middle of the HTML area..... And, ofcourse, you could just wipe out all your history/cache/cookies/passwords/etc.. with a press of 3 Buttons : Ctrl+Shift+Del. Pretty useful for some[though not for me;)], since it will look extremely like pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.... And, one more important thing is that the've got Incremental Updates, so that people on dialup and on restrictive Bandwidths like me can Update Firefox with just some 300KB or 400 KB instead of 3 or 4 MB... Aside from these, the've made the menus of the default theme a bit more sleeker and sharper, but then, it might've been just my eye that's the difference;) That guy's already started crying and dad's already started shouting:( Monday's Biology and I'm all armed and prepared...Hope to get 99 atleast in this......;) Bye for now....


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