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Friday, December 09, 2005

Tamil Over...

Hi Again, Well, Tamil exam was over Yesterday, and I just maybe have to thank my lucky stars for the Question Paper... I studied only one Detail Answer, and that one was present... I studied only 4 Poetry, and all three which came were ones I studied... And, pretty much, It was rather easy and easier than I expected it to be. Suppose, I can get somewhere around the 80 mark and maybe even cross 90% this time.... And, another thing is, Sanat, the Confirmed-First Rank Guy has fractured his Elbow, but his left Elbow. But, I am prepared to bet that even if he has a Fractured his Skull, He'd come over to write the Exams....... Monday is English, which I hope to retain the 93 I got last Time.... Last time, it was an USB, this time, it is an MP3 Player which is at stake, if I get the Second Rank.... Hope I get it... And, BTW, people, I have found that I have not got any comments for the last week or so. Is it because of the use of RSS Readers or is it that it is only Me Who is reading my blog ?:-? Thanks, and Be Right Back....


Anonymous Sudar said...

May be bcoz i was hav'nt opened my bloglines for little over 10 days now..

12/18/2005 06:26:00 AM  

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