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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Abu is Blogging...

Well, I think I mentioned in some of my Posts my friend named Abu : He's the first geek I met at school. Well, fancy, you'd get quite a bit of a feeling if you are to meet a Geek at a School where you have previously met with, well, normal-people. He's a really really interesting fellow, and I've been trying to get him to blog. And, today, I've succeded : Here is his Blog. Well, if you read his introductory post, he refers to me as UV. Well, I really really really really really don't like to be called that : Brings out images of killer rays forcing their way through Ozone Depletion. So, don't call me that:( And, give him some Advice : He plays NFS/Prince of Persia too much, wasting lots of time which he could've used more usefully in writing some cool Algorithms or C Programs. Just go there and Bash him:P Well, keep Bashing him:P Thanks, and Keep the comments coming....


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