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Saturday, January 21, 2006

From Fedora....

Well well well, It seems I've been on an Operating System Speree : In the last 3 Days, I've used[or atleast tried to use] 5 Operating Systems! Well, besides Windows 98 & Windows XP, I tried SuSE Yesterday in my System, and even started the MacOS 9 in the ancient Mac in our School. And today, the fifth Operating System is here : Fedora Core 4.... Well, first I burned the 4 CDs, and inserted the first one and Restarted. When the bootstraper loaded, I got a message asking me if I'd like to verify the Installation Media. I just gave it the go ahead, and after some 15 minutes of "Verification", it reported that my Media is not Verifiable..... Great, huh ? Anyway, I just continued with the Installation, and after some 15 minutes selecting Packages, I gave it the GoAhead and it started Installation.... But 2 minutes into the Installation, Tragedy Struck... Well, there was a Power Outage! And, my UPS lasts for 50 seconds with monitor turned off, and 5 seconds with Monitor Turned on... So, the system just went out after some 50 secs, since I instinctively switched off the Monitor... So, I was in a great spot of trouble : The Harddisk has been Partitioned, the MBR has been Overwritten, but the Boot Manager has not been Installed! I Didn't even know if my System would boot or not.. And, Imagine my Frustration when the Power came back on 2 Minutes after my System went off! Well, the Fedora CD 1 was still in, so it just booted off the CD, and went to the Install Screen. But this time, the option to use FreeSpace wasn't there in Partitioning, since The FreeSpace has already been partitioned.... I had No Idea how to proceed, but then there was an Option called Remove all Linux partitions in Disk. Though I had no Idea what it did, I just selected it, and all's been well... I followed the same steps, and after about an hour of waiting, I just managed to get Fedora up and running... Well, it's given me a better First Impression than SuSE though. The Typography is Great like SuSE and since I am using FireFox now, the Typography in the WebPages is also good, though not as good as the one in the UI... And, connecting to the Internet was a bit tougher though : While SuSE had a pretty clear Option called DSL in the Internet Section of YaST2, it was not so easy in the case of Fedora. Help yielded No Result. Infact, it took me almost 5 minutes to find out why the Search Button in Help is disabled. Looks like I didn't select any source to search in... Well, anyway, I just explored the menu and found out that I had to use the Internet Configuration Wizard. And after that, it was a breeze.... And, it's got GAIM installed by Default, though it says KDE Instant Messaging Application in the Menu and GAIM in the application... Anyway, I'd be exploring it much more, and hope to get the hang of it sooner than later... Thanks, and Keep the comments coming....


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