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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blogging From Flock

Haha! How nice it is to actually be Blogging from a Normal[?] Windows Application instead of from a TextArea. Anyway, Thanks to Ramesh for reccomending Flock to me. And, yeah it works....

However, there's one really really really really strange thing. Longtime readers of my Blog will remember BaBIE, one of my First .NET Projects. It's quite well Documented in my now-defunct Projects Blog. Strange thing is, of the 13 things listed here as main features of Flock, 9 of them are Features originally designated for BaBIE! Coincidence, huh ?

Maybe, I could restart BaBIE from scratch sometime later[The Old Code is full of Bad Coding Practices that makes me Shudder after reading Joel On Software.]

Thanks, and Keep the Comments coming....

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