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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Speed-Testing Blog Search Engines...

Well well well, if you've been to recently, you'dve seen an unheard-of-before word called brrreeeport in the Top Searches, and the Hot Tags as well. Shows how powerfull a single post[actually, second half of a single post] with a title that doesn't relate to the contents can do to the Blogsphere..... So, here it goes : I've said the word brrreeeport before, and I am saying it again : brrreeeport. And, I've also tagged this Post brrreeeport... On that note, maybe, I'm thinking of Technorati Tagging all my Posts if I could get some time on my hands, which is running out quickly since the Public Exams are just about a Month from now.... Thanks, and Keep the comments coming....


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