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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Right here, on Earth:P

Well, I'm right here, on the Lithosphere, breathing Oxygen. Getting Bogged down By the Exams. Remember, my Public Exams are on the 27th of This month ?:D Well, gotta Lot of things to do, such as responding to tags:D Would be doing it after My Exams finish tomorrow... Well, got this coooool Idea : How about subscribing to all of Scooble's Feeds ? Well, I just did that, only to find that RSS Bandit's extremely unstable when it tries to retrieve all those feeds. It's just unstable, not unresponsive, so I think I might be able to get it down during today's Nightly downloads... Well, I'd love to put up Scoble's OPML file somewhere, but doesn't seem to be working, so I'm just pointing you to his Bloglines Reading list. Just scroll down to the bottom of the left frame to get the OPML Generated for you... Thanks, and Keep the comments coming....


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