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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Telepathic Keyboard...

Here comes my First News post. Well, Medgadget, a Blog devoted to Medical breakthroughs and like stuff, was on Top, and this thing caught my Eye : A Telepathic Keyboard! Nothing could be more Geeky, though It's still a Long way from being as fast as a regular QWERTY Keyboard.

Exert from the MedGadget Post :
This way it takes five to 10 minutes to write a sentence," according to Kaplow...A lot of time is taken up affixing the electrodes to the volunteer's scalp, a procedure which usually last for about one hour.

"The breakthrough will come when we develop a contact-free EEG, something that looks like a cap, says Kaplow, who expects progress on this front during the current year.

Well, I'd be the first one to get that Cap If I can, provided I can type as fast as I can think, which is quite high[since I consider my a Human:D].

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