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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[School]French is Sexy, & Mid Term Exams.…

Atleast for us….

Where else could you have the pleasure of completing a whole paper in about 10 minutes and watch your poor mates try to complete their’s in 1 and a half hours and fail miserably? I took French, and ofcourse I know if I were to study French in France, I’ll get a boatload more of stuff, but right now, we have as much stuff to study as a STD I boy, so we’re enjoying it by teasing out the Poor Tamil and Hindi Guys who sweat out over nothing…..

The real bummer was, most of our Answer Papers were only two papers of written Sheets, while the Tamil Question Paper by itself was some 3 Papers of Printed text….:D

Inside .NET

Err, I forgot to mention that my Mid Term Exams started yesterday, so the Inside .NET Articles would be a bit delayed…..


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