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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

6 out, 3 more to go...

Finished Science I[Physics/Chemistry] today. Physics had some shocks for us, since, questions that usually came for 3 marks were there for 5 marks.. Anyway, finished it all up, checked them twice, and handed them over... Once I came out, something hit me like an asteroid : I'd written that scum is a salt of Soap! How could I do that ? I donno how I did it. Sopas don't have salts, bummer! I mean, I'dve much sooner tried to compile ASP code with vbc.exe. I mean, I just donno how the hell on earth could I have committed such a horrendus horrible mistake. It's like saying 2+23 = 232. Soooo stupidd of me... Well, 6 exams out, 3 more to go. And, I've decided not to go for Barcamp this year because I don't have much time to prepare, and also, I don't think I'm good enough to actually speak to those people. I'll improve myself over the holidays, and then I can... But as of now, no, and I'm sorry for myself..:(


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