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Saturday, March 18, 2006

1337 ? WTF ?

Well, just wanted to make a point : Have a look at this Article, about "10 Reasons why Linux "pwns" your OS".. Well, looks like Linux's not yet ready for even the just above average user. I donno about all the other 9 points, since they need more Research, but the 10th Point just drives it home :

10. Using Linux makes you l33t. If you don't agree, then you are wrong. STFU n00b.
Cool. Insults me. Awesome, right ? Insult prospects. n00b. STFU. Hurting dude!. I mean, take for example, my Friends Abu, Krishna or Shiva. Abu is already disgusted with Linux after it screwed up his System : He had used Partition Magic to clean up unallocated hard-disk space, and tried installing SuSE. Well, it worked. Cool. Next, he heard about Ubuntu. Did the same thing. Result : Only thing running on his Computer was a Console. Yeah. Nothing else. All he got after a frighteningly blue-screened Installation was a Black and White Console. Cool. Linux for Human Beings. Mirrors my Feelings. And, he's quite a good administrator of his Windows XP System, considering he's been with computers appreciably for just about a year... I'd certainly not call him a n00b. Shiva and Krishna have not yet tried Linux, but after hearing of Abu's tragedy, they're quite reluctant to try it. Yeah. And, show them that article, and tell them the meaning of STFU, they're going to be soooooooooooooooo disgusted with Linux that they're never going to try it.... Yeah, and I know it's not Linux's Problem : It's the Linux People's Problem. Superiority Complex ? Maybe... But, no not everyone is like that. I've come across quite a lot of sites that Respect the User, and the "other" Crowd as well. Monologue, the Mono blogs is the best in that Respect. I'd rather trust those guys rather than that CoolSolutions guy. And, I'd betcha you won't find anything like that kinda STFU-n00b kinda user degrading stuff in any of Microsoft/Yahoo/Google/Apple/Symantec/Intel/AMD/Transcend/Sony/Samsung/BenQ/Adobe sites or even Blogs. Yeah, and they sell. Make a Profit. Keep the User happy. In all my Life, I've come across only one Mac System, and that too was kept huddled in a corner, inactive till I booted it up out of Curiosity. It was in our Computer Lab. And, till I booted it up, nobody has used it for, about 5 years. And, it was bought 5 years ago... And, I'm yet to come across a Computer without Windows and with Linux. And, all the Linux systems I've seen are either Dual Boot with Windows or LiveCDs. And, those with Dual Boot are either wanked out after quite some Frustration or left there to be unused to Oblivion. Yeah Linux Guys. You're great Coders. Good 1337 people. You've got a stable Kernel. KDE's good. Some of the Applications Bundled are cool. But, GNOME's bad. Quite bad. And, I've got that impression from Gnoppix and Knoppix, and I like the KDE of Knoppix better. But, it's still quite a long way from Mac OS X or Windows XP in terms of User Image and Usability. Discoverability is awful. I know many of you won't agree with me, but these are just the stuff I percieve. I might be dead right. I might be awfully wrong. If I am wrong, just correct me : Don't say STFU n00b. One more example : I blogged about my Problems with IIS, and you know what ? A Guy from Microsoft actually Contacted my by Email and Blog Comment and tried their best to help me. Cool. They Respected me and they've got one more satisfied Developer. Contrast it to this : I write a post titled Linux Sucks, and see the response I get from the Linux Guys :
U should understand onething u should never say Linux sucks because it screwed ur system. It screwed ur system may be because u didnot install it correctly
You suck to the core man...
Cool. Awesome. Fantastic Response. So, If I can't say it sucks since It screwed up my System, when should I say it sucks ? Maybe, when it bursts out my Monitor. Or, Sucks the Air out of my Room ? No, I say it sucks when I feel it sucks. end of story. And, what the hell guys ? I did something wrong ? Cool. I followed carefully every prompt I got inorder to make sure I don't screw up my System, and it still won. Infact, there's a Solution for this in their FAQ here. Something like, type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg followed by sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm. Cool. Fantastic. Linux For Human Beings. Sudo. DPKG. XORG. gdm. Cool. Self Descriptive. I'm sure that if those guys at Canonical wanted, they could've hit this Console Bug Out of the Park. Why they didn't do it is beyond me... Well, so, the crux is, Linux is good, but is screwed up quite a lot by some of those Linux guys. Wake up guys, and you could be some Serious Competietion to Windows if you get your Act together and start Respecting the User... Well, Feel I am wrong ? Correct me in my Comments. Or, better still, write a Blog Post and leave a Trackback. Anyway, My Public Exams start on next Monday, and I'm being heavily pounded by my Mom and Dad. Wish me Luck guys... Thanks, and Keep the comments coming....


Blogger Ramesh RV said...

1. All the best for your exams
2. Do well and stop thinking about Computer stuff till it gets over
3. Linux is really cool, but the thing is, it has become so big, that they give the OS for free and charge for support
4. Once you know the basic (UNIX Commands) with some shell and perl scripting, *nix rocks
5. Ofcourse, if MS didnot help out its users, every one will better opt in for free OS.
6. Most of the MNC runs on *nix.
7. Most of the server market works with *nix.
8. Instead of complaining about it, start mastering it.
9. All these points come from a person who workship MS ( a guy who recommends IE over FF, loves .NET over anyother platform, uses Windows while writing this thing )

3/19/2006 05:52:00 AM  
Blogger Ramesh RV said...

i am afraid, your page renders bad in IE6,

Snapshot :

3/19/2006 06:11:00 AM  
Blogger Yuvi Panda said...

Ah! Thanks for REminding me Ramesh;) Yeah, and I'd be learning Linux over the Public Holidays, since it's for the +1 Sylabus anyway. And, I don't want to be caught with my pants down on *any* computer stuff at School. So, I've already got myself a book on bash....

As for IE6, Well, well well, I don't have IE6:(( Only IE7 Beta:(( Anyway, I think it's the classic Padding-Margin Problem, and I'd fix it up after the exams. Till then, wait:D

And, servers, yes I know that : I myself am using a LAMP Server[Blogger], and think the best one still is another LAMP one[Wordpress]. So, I've gotta learn that as well. But, I'm not good at Administering Windows Either;) So, looks like one more good for nothing character of mine:D

3/19/2006 08:21:00 AM  
Blogger unknown said...

hi kutty,
eppadi irukinga..hope u have done ur exams well and best wishes for the rest...
take care
as ramesh said ellam appuram parthukalaam u will get plenty of time after ur exams..
take care of ur health and dont stain much

3/21/2006 05:29:00 AM  
Blogger Abhir Asokan said...

Hello there,
you have been constantly nagging abt the "Console" under linux.

Let me tell you what i was told in my undergraduate class.

Well, one of the fine things abt linux is that the GUI is detached from the kernel.

That means you didn't necessarily have to spend your resources like processor time, RAM etc.(which were very precious some 10 years before now)

Consider a web server for example. IIS running on MS Windows as compared with Apache Web server running on a Linux box.

In the first case, you _HAVE_ to allocate a portion of ur resources to keep the GUI on the web server running at its prime ----- EVEN THOUGH THERE WOULD BE NO MONITOR ATTACHED. But, in Linux you can safely run the web server, right from the low-on-resources console window.

So, its simple, when u need to publish the web pages, call the KDE[beauty of C++] OR GNOME[power of C] desktop environment. Then deallocate the resources granted to it and let the web server run and serve maximum users with its full strength.

Thats the little in know :(

Cheers Yuvraj :)

[PS: ur previous post --- *Sigh* Guess thats why we all should keep praying to God.]

3/21/2006 09:05:00 AM  
Blogger Aswin Anand T.H. said...

Hi da,


3. Join It is the best place to get your linux queries answered and very active too.

4. Do 3 after you complete ur exams :D


3/23/2006 09:20:00 AM  

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