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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Great Competietion for Us.... From Microsoft!

Hi Again, Microsoft has announced The Connected Systems 2005 Developer Competition, a talent based competietion for Building the Best Application utilising all the cool features of Visual Studio .NET 2005, SQL Server 2005 and Biztalk Server 2005. You can find More Details at It's a cool competietion, the Grand Prize being a huge $50,000!. And 9 Category Winners get $12,500 each! And one community winner will get a one year FREE MSDN Universal Subscription and a chance to speak at the TechEd at Boston! And 15 Finalists will get a 1 Year FREE MSDN Universal Subscription and a FREE TRIP to the joint SQL Server 2005/Visual Studio 2005/BizTalk 2006 Launch Event and competition finalists dinner! If i could only get any one of themm.... WOW. So, what are You waiting for? Register, it's free. The Last date for Entry is September 30, 2005. We've still got June, July and August. Buildin an App with Visual Studio Shouldn't take that long..... If You get a prize, by seein this info in this Blog, please drop me an Email and give me a bit of Your Prize :) (Just Kidding) Thanks, and Be Right Back....

Sunday, May 29, 2005

XP Code? Really? Unbelievable...

Hi Again, Have You ever Wanted To Take a look at the Wonderful Source Code that has Made Windows What it is Today?

  • The Source that Made Windows 2000 Stable?
  • The Source that Made the Windows XP UI so Cool?
  • The Source that Made Windows 2003 Great?
  • The Source that Made Windows CE So Interesting?
  • The Source that Made the CLI tick?
Wish No More, for Microsoft is Releasing these Source Codes? I can never know how this happened, but if you happen to go To, You will Find no hint of the Source Code... But, only when we search for the Shared Source Licence, We get several cool Topics. Microsoft has offered a whole slew of Source Code for a lot of products. You can find the Products for which Source is available here. Some of those Products for which Source is available include:
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows CE
  • Windows CE Premium
  • A C#/JScript/CLI Runtime Implementation
  • WTL
  • And much More.....
You have to Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Number of Other Aggrements to Get the Source, But it is Free! I don't know what the Reaction will be from the Open-Source Community for this Shared Source Licence, but I am sure that they will Welcome it............. Thanks, and Be Right Back....

Friday, May 27, 2005

IE Fights Back

Hi Again, Now, Although Internet Explorer is still the Market Leader in Browsers, Other Browsers, Especially FireFox, are challenging IE's Position. So, If IE dosn't Innovate and Answer these Competing Browsers, Exactly What Happened to Netscape Navigator will happen to Internet Explore(Everyone will know it, but none will use it!) Therefore, Microsoft has announced that IE 7 will ship prior to Windows Longhorn, so as to stay competetive. It will defenitely have all the Nicities of FireFox and others, plus a lot more, so as to Answer Competietion. You can find more Information at the Internet Explorer Blog at MSDN. Thanks and Be Right Back....

Netscape falls for IE

Hi Again, I was just plain Surprised when I read about Netscape Navigator 8. The Surprise was that, It was going to Use the Internet Explorer Layout Engine! Netscape Navigator, a Direct Competietor to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and the first succesful Commercial Browser, has Started using it's Main Competietor's Software for it's core Engine! That was Unbelievable, But True. But they've also got an optional, another Rendering Engine called Gecko, the one used by FireFox and Mozilla. You can Read More about it and Download Netscape 8 Here. Thanks and Be Right Back....

ASP .NET in Linux!

Hi Again.. Mainsoft has got a cool, free Visual Studio Add-in Called Grasshoper, that will enable us to build cool ASP.NET apps that Run on Apache TomCat! This is done by Translating the MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Language, which is the Language of .NET) to Jave Bytecodes to Run on top of the J2EE Framework. Until Mono, Becomes Available, we can atleast host ASP.NET Apps on Linux, since Apache is more Cheaper to Setup than IIS. Visit Mainsoft's Site for More Information about Grasshopper. They've Even Got a Tutorial that will get You started in Building ASP.NET Stuff for Linux. Thanks, And Be Right Back....

Mono the Monkey

Hi Again, Since I have Relocated my Projects to another Blog, I can focus on Topic Here.. The Mono Project The Mono Project is an Open-Source Initiative to create a .NET Implementation for Linux, so that .NET Applications can be Cross-Platform, much in the Same way as Java is. It has been going on For Quite some Time. If this Effort Works, then Java's Promise of "Write Once, Run Anywhere", (which turned out to be "Write Once, Debug Everywhere, Run it Wherever it didn't Crash"), might come true for .NET. They've already almost Comleted ADO .NET and the Very Bases. Check out their Site for more information. BTW Mono Means Monkey in Spanish, but why they choose the Name escapes me. If you know, please leave a comment. Thanks, and Be Right Back...

I have Changed

Hi Again, You might be Surprised that I have Deleted some Posts from this Blog, But I am in the Process of Moving them to My Other Project Blog, So I can get some real opinions and stuff going here. Thanx, And Be Right Back....

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Yet Another Blog of Mine

Hi Again. I reviewed my Introduction Statement, that is, My First Post, and found that the Blog is going on a different track than what It was originally Intended to Be. So, I decided to Create a New Blog, devoted Entirely to My Projects. And this Blog will be Devoted to what it was originally Supposed to be Devoted to : Geekiness, Techiness, Microsoft vs Sun/OpenSource, And Everything About Software and Technology. Bye, and Be Back Again.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Project BaBIE

Hi Again, While Reading Some Stuff about the new FireFox Revolution, I got an Idea. Mozilla is OpenSource, but it takes a lot of time to Make Your own Browser based on the Gecko Engine. But IE, on the other hand, has got a nifty Little WebBrowser Control, that has all the layout features of Internet Explorer and requires almost no Code to activate. So, as a direct Competietion to FireFox, I started Building my Own WebBrowser based on the MSHTML (That is the IE Layout Engine) using .NET. It's got all the UI Nicites of FireFox, and Some more. So, If Any of You are like me, Drawn towards FireFox for it's UI, Please Mail Me and we will Join Together and Challenge Fire Fox. More Information can be found on my other Blog, which I created after I posted this! PS I am searching for a Single-Syllable Name to the Browser. I first tryed Herodetus, then switched to Aristotle and Now, I am thinking of Eagle. If you have any good Suggestions for the Name, please Mail me. PPS By the Way, Project BaBIE means Project Build a Better Internet Explorer!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Check Out My New Blog

Hi There Again! Today, I got a Cool Idea. I created another Blog for my Present School eXperiences and I'll keep that Blog for my eXperiences in School. (By the Way, You might have noticed my capital Xs. That's because I am a Geek, and Geeks do things differently:). It's here at Drop by when U have Time! And, this Blog will be Dedicated to Geekiness, Techiness, Software, Microsoft vs Sun/Open Source/Everyone Else (That's my favorite Topic, You Know:) and other such things that should be of Interest to a Geek or Techie. But don't Worry, I'll keep the Language as Simple as Possible. Again, Thanks to My Dad and Brother Sudar For Making me what I am and Getting me Where I am.

Got on the Broad BANDWagon!

Hi Again. I Got BSNL Broadband Access just a hour ago and It 's SO COOL. It's got around 50 kbps download speed and that is more than a dialup connection speed! Anyway, Thanks for Viewing my Blog, something which I thought noone will ever do. And Please Do Visit Again, as I am goin to start my real blog from the Next Post. Again, I would like thank my bro Sudar, who introduced me 2 Computers and Made Me What I am Today. Please View his Blog at

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Hi. I am Yuvaraj Pandian T, Affectionately known as Yuvi Panda T, or simply Yuvi. I am 14, a 10th Grade Student facing the daunting Public Board Exams in this Year. I am also a Hobbyist Developer, with around 5 years of Hobbyst Development Experience. I love VB, VB.NET, .NET, C#, ASP .NET, SQL and Web Designing and I am off Developing Whenever I can get away from my School. I am quite succesful at School, with somewhat around 90% in my marks, and a pretty good name with my Teachers, and Not so successful with my Friends, due to my Geekiness :) And This Blog is maybe the only way for me to vent out my feelings. I dedicate this Site to My Dad, Who helped me to develop a logical and rational Mind. I also dedicate this to my ever-helping Friend, Mentor and Cousing, Sudar Muthu. He Introduced me to Computers and English. You will find articles on Geekiness, My Personal Experiences, Programming Topics, and everything I can think of. Thank You Very Much for viewing this Blog, which I though would be never viewed by anyone but me :).