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Friday, September 02, 2005

Next Project ?

Hi Again, Maybe, this post should belong to my other Projects Blog, but, i was a Bit Lazy to post it there.. Besides, many of you who know this Blog may not know that one.... So, My Next Project. As you know, I am a Student Champ, and, I belong the the StudentChamp Yahoo Group. One of the Recent Posts there, by Sriram Krishnan, was about how, the OSS guys are programming Greats, and we MS Technologists are not that hard into it. Simply put, he stated that OSS Guys were much more Hardcore Programmers than Us. After Reading it for, maybe 3 Times, I realized it was True. I couldn't get a bit of Code that went into any GPL Thing. Yet, those OSS People Created Them. The Bottom Line was, OSS Guys were KickAss Programmers, while we are not. And, If we, the MS Community, is to get to Compete with the OSS Guys, we have to become KickAss Programmers. So, that Post, Changed my Next Project. It Was Going to be a School Management System, but then, after reading that Post, I wanted to do something Innovative. Something Nobody Had Done Before. Something, that was utterly Cool. So, I stopped that School Management System.... Now, I have some Top Listed, Innovative Ideas, Which I dreamed up while waiting for the Sports Day. Top Two are :

  • Riddle's Diary (Name Likely to Change, But any Harry Potter Fan Should be able to get it)
  • List-Server
Now, It's already Late, and Dad's Shouting a hell out of Me for not Studying, and I hope I can get up early Enough Tomorrow to post More Details, Ofcourse in my Projects Blog;) P.S. I looked up the Meaning of KickAss, and it meant Efficient on So, No offence intended, and if it offends anyone, pleae leave me a Comment... Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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