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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Hi Again, I know a person, who has been friendly to me, and been a friend to me ever since I was a Kid. And, he has got something quite big, and Great. I just can't Congratulate him enough on this! I am waiting for him to release the Information before I release it myself..... So, If you want to congratulate him, Congratulate him here! Really, that was worth Congratulating.... And, For Me, I got the Parsing Part of Riddle working for the most part..... And, suppose, I can even convert Eliza's Data Files for use with Riddle.... And, as for the Prize, I suppose I have come to the RAM/MP3-USB Player Choice, so it's either one or two, whichever my Dad Decides upon... And, I have a request to make of you.... I have a person, who is very special to me. She's in hospital, and ill. I request you all to pray for her....... I suppose, that's the most worthy use of your Time..... Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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