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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Stilllll Confusing........

Hi Again, It's still Very Confusing for me....So, I have to choose between the following :

  1. 80 GB Harddisk
  2. 256 MB RAM
  3. 1 GB USB Pen - MP3 Player
  4. A Top of the Line Graphics Card
  5. A Digital Still Camera [Not so Probable, tooo costly..:(]
So, If you have any suggestions to help a poor soul in me, help me up... And, next round is starting.. Children's Day Competietions are around the Corner, am involved in helping [sigh] the Tamil Teacher, having a C Programming Competietion and lots of Stuff. Inshort, am excited. Now, If only I could Dedcide on that...... Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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