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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Hi Again, Just a Quick one, since Dad's forbidden access to the Computer since Exams start tomorrow... Typhoid seems over and I seem back alright, but it still just seems.... Exams start tomorrow and end on the 21st, with the Deadly Tamil coming in First. Hope I could crack an 80 in that, since an MP3 Player is at stake for the Second Rank this time... Well, Hope to get back online sometime later before the exams end, but, it is not often that I am alone in the house... And, thanks to all of you people for wishing me good health while I had Typhoid.... And, BTW, I'd like to congratulate my Cousin Sudar for getting a New Domain and a Blog on that one, and as well as losing His Cell Phone and HDD;) Bye Guys, and Please Wish me an MP3 Player..;)


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