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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Home Sweet Home!

Hi Again, Atlast, today BSNL has heard my pleas and my Internet Connection is alive and well after going dead at the slightest hint of Rain... In the meantime, many things have happened. One, ofcourse, is the Rain. It didn't rain much in my place, but I happily accepted the Three Days Holidays it has given me. I prayed for more Rain. But, Little did I realize, that the rain has claimed the life of almost A hundred and Fifty People.... And, then, is the fact that I have got my own 1 GB USB Pen Drive[Transcent JetFlash 110], a reward;) for my Second Rank in the Quarterly.... And, lots and lots more interesting stuff to come... But, Dad's already shouting, and I'd get back after some time... Thanks, and Be Right Back....


Blogger Saurabh said...

Hmm ..
Generally my BSNL broadband also goes dead when it starts raining ( the link does not come up )

This is because the water seeps into the wires ( they have many joints here ) and causes a lot of static noise.

Try this.
If you can hear the dial tone on your phone, and you're not getting the link status, keep your phone "off-hook" for a while.

This way, it goes dead after a while ( I mean, you dont get the dial tone after sometime ) and then I get my link back up and running.

Works for me - see if it works for you.

- Saurabh

11/15/2005 06:59:00 PM  
Blogger Yuvi Panda said...

Thanks for the Tip, Saurabh and I hope I don't have to use it:P

And, anyway, It has started working for me, almost magically, a week after the rain went away:P

11/15/2005 11:43:00 PM  

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