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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Things happening...

Hi Again, I have not blogged for some time now.... Physics Records, Chemistry Records, Biology Records, Chemistry Observations, Tamil Tests, Children's day competietions have helped keep me very busy... And, anyway, I got two Certificates : One for Quiz and one for Essay Writing... I got first in Quiz and Third in Essay.. And, ofcourse I did get that 1 GB USB Pen from Dad for the second Rank.... And, when things seem to be getting a bit relaxed, the Practicals start.. And, before they end and you feel like relaxing again.... The Half-Yearly Exam sets in... And, before you know the Exam is over and finished, you get your Revision Practicals.. Then the Revision exams.. Then the Revision Practicals again.... Then the Revision Exams again.... Well, it seems I just have to agree with Saurabh and say "Life is just one damn thing after another.." But, ofcourse there are things to lighten them up. For example, Visual Studio .NET 2005. And, maybe, My Next Project, since the School website seems to have been forgotten, will lighten things up... And, I suppose it is more likely than not that my next Project might go up on Source Forge as OpenSource.... Well, then hang on, I might just want your help with that project!


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