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Saturday, April 08, 2006

30 mins of pure Horror...

No, it's not some estatic and esoteric Horror Movie[I never watch Horror Movies]. It's the mind-dumbing-moronic-stupid-useless-dumb-stupid-and-whatever-words-you-could -think-of Program, no I can't call it a Program, maybe an exercise at inducing depression-frustration-schizoperania for people who actually have Brains. No, no points for guessing : It's that Thanga Vettai. Stupid Moronic Program. 30 Minutes of Pure mindless horror. And yet, Mom insists on watching it, so does my mom's sister, so does my cousin sister, so does every other girl I've known says it's fantastic. ndklgfasdklfnklasdnfklnasldknfklsndkfnasldkf. Soooooooo;fjpsdjfkajsdokn dkfaklsdfi,g. dojpdfad. Moronic. Dumb. alsdfjasr.

Frustration people. If you have any womenfolks at home, if you're lucky enough, just make sure that they never watch it, even once. Well, the people who participate must have negative IQ Levels. And, those who applied and were weded out, well thank goodness I have to deal with only 2 of those kinda people at School. Their IQ levels must be Negative to such an extent that even System.Int64 can't accomodate them.

Frustration can do a lot of things to you, such as writing a blog-post just to show out your frustration and frustrate the people who read it:D

And, for the record, I saw a guy who answered that Zimbabwe's capital was South Africa, and Mom's still watching it[faints...]

Update : And, to add to that Frustration, I get some even more dumber and frustrating Ads in it. Looks like Television people have become Mindless Marketing Snobs[no generalization], much like our Politicians. What happened to those Ad agencies ? There are some good Ads there, but there are also some really really stupid ads that would want you to kick the brains out of the people who designed/approved/telecasted it

Update: Still me here. Not yet fainted. Just came across this thing is from SunTV. Now, see that, and you won't wonder why these people don't want Wiki's in there. If it were a Wiki, I'dve given people the true facts. They call it a family program, but obviously, Family doesn't count Men as Family. I mean, Dad calls it a Comedy Show, so does my brother. But, for Mom, it's quite serious. For me, it's pure hell... And, no, I'm not being anti-feminist or machoist here[because I donno what they mean:D]. Just wanted to put out my Frustration somewhere, and since Mom won't let me shout[She Doesn't want to be disturbed. Aargh!], and I can't find anything to break, all I could do is stop reading SQL Server Bible and post in my Blog.... Update 3: Yep, one more Update to this one: Here are some reviews. Most have same view as mine, and even more. Someone needs to sue those people for lowering the standards of Intelligence in our Country. I mean, those dumb people who go over there and actually get selected must be thinking they're some GK gods or something, right ?... Reviews on 1 2 3 4 5 Update 4: One more! Came across this Gem in Reddif Boards. Some Excerts:
Subject: I want to work with you I am nice looking man I am interested in working in movies of any job so please kindly reply me as soon as possible. Your's Lovingly Mukesh Agarwal.
Dear Sir / Madam,
ROTFL=)) And, most looked like Scanned Formal Letters, rather than Forum Posts. Most had full Address and 70% had Phone Numbers even! What do these people think ?[Do they even Think?]


Blogger Ramesh RV said...

mmm, I think ladies watch that show to see how Ramya Krishnan hosts the show and what she wears, and where they find her costume etc..... (they do sight more than guys :( ).... May be if the host is asin / thrish I could get glued to this program, else it is absolute crap.

4/08/2006 04:34:00 PM  
Blogger Yuvi Panda said...

LOL. Maybe, but, why do they keep watching it after they give out the useless details of the saree, necklace and all the other crap ? Still, beats me...

4/08/2006 06:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4/10/2006 08:21:00 PM  
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