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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mini-Challenge from Sudar…

Ahem. After a small post when I had nothing to do about Aswin’s browsing habits, and a small joke I pulled of him in Sudar’s comments section, Sudar just posted a mini-challenge for me, asking me to try out to do the same thing to him after he posted a small screenshot.[Whew, what a long sentence!:P]

It is harder than last time, because this time, it’s just a small portion of the screen, rather than the full screen itself. Nevertheless, I did find a full sized screenshot, which he’d posted some time ago. Ofcourse, it’s outdated, but I guess I could infer something from that screenshot.

  1. Uses GMail for Mail. Obviously.
  2. But, also uses Yahoo mail ocassionaly, as characterized by the Yahoo Mail bookmarklet on the toolbar.
  3. Too lazy to remove IE6 from the Quicklaunch bar, or even just to hide the Quicklaunch bar.
  4. Too lazy to install GAIM, and instead has both GTalk and Yahoo Messenger installed.
  5. Uses Bloglines for feedreading.
  6. A compulsive user of Raaga for listening to music.
  7. Has two folders called log and Dev which he uses frequently. Real frequently.
  8. Uses a Blog-Writer that integrates with Firefox, and has a Quil icon. I’d have to check it out for the name, but it’s not Performancing for Firefox.
  9. Uses an extension that adds Yahoo to the Menu in Firefox.
  10. Is a complete customization freak. How else would you have the Menu and the Navigation bar on one line, and the bookmarklets and Searchbox on the next?
  11. He doesn’t have a label named “Self” for emails from himself.

Ahem. Most of these are not mostly useful to anyone, except maybe for social engineering. Or, maybe, if there exists some obscure security bug that can be exploited if you have IE6 on your Quicklaunch, but don’t use it:P Or, some another bug that gives malware ability to read from folders on your Bookmarklet toolbar. But still…

Anyway, another post when I had nothing worthy to do…

This year’s taught me the full meaning of the word “busy”, and why 11th STD is cool as well as hectically nonsensical. Hope to write a blog post on that. And, write MCP Exam 70-536 as well



Anonymous Sudar said...

Here are the my replies to your findings

1) correct
2) wrong
3) I changed it around 6 months back
4) I prefer to use them separately.
5) Even now
6) Till I got my ipod
7) I would have used them at most twice in the last 2 years
8) No! I use only word. Even now
9) No!
10) He he
11) Yes

8/14/2006 11:17:00 PM  
Blogger Yuvi Panda said...

Atleast, at the time that screenshot was taken, it was correct:D

8/14/2006 11:19:00 PM  

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