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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Next Project...

Hi Again, So, I've decided to go hard at my Next Project, amidst heavy preperations for Quartyearly Exams.Hope to get into the Top 3 on the Quartyearly Exams... But, then, My Next Projects! I suppose, it's gonna be Riddle's Diary. If you STILL don't know What Riddle's Diary is, I suppose you should find it in WikiPedia. Or, Better Still, you could just buy Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Find it out Yourself... Ok, so, Riddle's Diary is a Magically Enchanted Object, that can think of it's own and communicate with others who write to it. But, ofcourse, in the End, it tries to destroy Harry, but thats a different Story. Guess you'd have to read that Entire book to get it right. So, I reccomend it... So, this Program, is an AI program, much like the famed Psychologist, Eliza. It depends much more on Stored Replies based on Keywords. So, maybe, if you want a Taste of How it will be like, just try Eliza. OK ? And, I am gonna use Flash for the Front-End, and .NET to do the crunching. So, I am also looking forward towards learning a whole lot of stuff, such as Regexps, Flash Actionscript, and ofcourse Improving my C# and VB.NET Skills.... And, If you have anything to ask me, please do so. Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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