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Monday, September 05, 2005

Learning to Start....

Hi Again, So, I am going to start with Riddle's Diary. It's quite a big Task, but, Since I know How to do it and Why I am doing it, it will be pretty easy... But, I think I'd have to get quite used to Regular Expressions if i want to do Riddle's Diary. That, would be the Most Important Part, Matching User Input to Keywords.... So, I decided to do another Mini-Project while working on Riddle's Flash UI. That, will be eBookShelf, for organizing, Indexing and Searching through your Large eBook Collection (I have a large one, and atleast, it will be useful for me). So, that would put me in touch with Regular Expressions, while I construct the UI of Riddle's Diary in Flash and Build it's Data Files with XML. And, I am sorry, to say, I'd have to wait for the Quartyearly Exams to finish before doing this, since Dad's already almost mad about my Computer Obsessedness..... But, Hope to complete it As Soon as Possible... Update: Thanks Sriram, for the Encouragement! Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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