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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Wohooo Bohhooo Green Belt!

Hi Again, Now, Today was Karate Belting Day. I am proud to announce that I have graduated from Nana Kyu to Rok Kyu. And, that, in layman's terms, it means I left Blue Belt to become a Green Belt. It was quite something, you know, since, I practiced only for 2 Months of the prescribed 4 Months, and I stilll Managed to make it! Boho! And, I quite like the Technical Name for the Green Belt. It sounds a lot like Rock You, Rok Kyu. And, Nana too sounds cool. And, We'd be having that Ninjak or Jinjack, or Ninja (I am still not sure), which is that Black colored Chained thing that Bruce Lee Hits People with...Whoa! Well, I couldn't get any Pics of the Grading, but, hope to get some of My Belt..... Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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