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Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Byte Lighter..

Hi Again, Now, Have you ever toiled for for 2 Weeks moving your mouse around in small movements and double clicking often and doing a thing which is the thing you hate the most in the world ? Well, those of you who have tried to do things in Tamil using Word's Insert -> Symbol Feature would know the pain, as I have experienced it.. Anyhow, the useless Tamil work is finished, though not without Troubles. My Right hand is shaking even more, and it feels much more relieved to do some straight fast Typing.... Enough of My Personal woes... I'd like to know your feedback on my proposed features for the School WebSite :

  1. The Usual Information about the School(Rules, Achievements, Activities, blah blah)
  2. Exam Results
  3. School Blog
  4. MarianStar Online
  5. The Past-Present Pupils Wiki
  6. Contact Online
Now, the Exam results is the thing that I plan to use AJAX for, since I can't think of anywhere else to use it. And, the School Blog would be our Official School Blog. And, Marian Star is our School Newspaper-like thing, Which I plan to bring online.... The Past-Present Pupils Wiki, or The P3W :) is my idea for a feature for the Past-Pupils. I suppose, a wiki might be good for them to give Contact Information, their Achievements, their life Stories, etc. Now, do tell me what you think of this, ok ? I have not been getting any comments of late, which is really really really really really really discouraging, you know:( Update: The Contact Online is something of an Afterthought, which will allow you to give feedback to specific persons, like the Principal or some Teacher. (I am not sure wether this will be allowed, but I can use AJAX here, so, just putting this up here:P) Thanks, and Be Right Back....


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