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Friday, October 21, 2005


Hi Again, Some Time back, when people used to say that the STD X is breaking their Back, I used to laugh and say that that won't happen to me. But, they used to laugh back and say that I'd understand sometime later.... And, I am understanding it now.... Maths Homework...... Tamil[Sic] Notes and Tests.... Chemistry Tests..... English Readthroughs..... and, most Horrible of them all, the Biology Records.. I have had around some Four hours of sleep on an average for the past month, after School Began. And, Still, My Biology Record is 90% incomplete, the Tamil Notes still seem immovable, and the Maths Homework Seems Unending.. I avoid all diagrams in my Biology Exams and manage to get good marks still... But, this Record thing is taking my head out. You can't escape it, and you have to draw it, and if there's a small thing wrong in your drawing, your Record Paper gets torn, even though you explain that it was your best and you couldn't do anything better and it took you a lifetime to get it done....:( Hope I get it done.... But, I suppose, I have asked Ilyas, one of my friends with a LaserPrinter Hand;) to come over to my house on Sunday and draw my records for me...Hope he helps... And, all My Energy seems to have been drained out of me.. It justs seems like to me, I am like a Zombie in Warlords : Tired, Slow, gets little work Done and Most of all, Useless:( Thanks, and Be Right Back....


Blogger Sunil said...

>> to come over to my house on Sunday and draw my records for me...Hope he helps...

Lol. I remember doing this with my Biology record when I was in Std X. Anyways, good luck. Hard work pays ;-)

10/22/2005 01:04:00 PM  

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